Artist Interview: Pat Gregson

Artist Name: Pat Gregson


Pat Gregson’s bright digital collages feature heavily across our Online Shop, and it is easy to see why. Her beautiful digital assemblies often feature seemingly innocuous natural subjects, such as birds, trees and landscapes but ramped up into three dimensional tapestries, curated with lashings of hypercolour. The dimensions and patterns are, perhaps, not surprising given her background as  a textile designer (Gregson obtained a degree in textile design in 1976 from Nottingham Trent University).

Pictured: ‘Blossom On Green’

What is unusual is Gregson’s use of appliqué with recycled fabrics. Her pieces are hand-stitched and each piece is unique, developed through drawings of the natural world and through a process of experimentation.

A student ‘in life’ of Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gregson’s way of working allows her to transform her complex world, conveying only what she wishes to the viewer.

She has sold work in the UK and America, exhibited widely across the South East of England including in solo shows. We caught up with Pat on life and art, below.

Tell us a bit about your art and what lead to your creative process:

I had my first breakdown when I was 19, after I had completed my Foundation Course at Manchester College of Art in 1968. It was a shock to hear I would have this illness all my life.

After recovering three years later, I took my degree in Textile design, whilst married and with my first child. I suffered serious Post Natal Depression with both my children and have had a number of breakdowns throughout my life.

It sounds as though my life has been difficult, in fact my life has been filled with joy. My family are wonderful. And my love of creating art work has sustained me. My work is bright and clear and hopefully, full of love for the world.


Pictured: ‘Landscape On the Downs’

Describe in one sentence what being part of Creative Future’s shop means to you.

Creative Future, for about the last 10 years, has helped me prolong my art life and I shall always be very grateful.



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