Forest Stags by Pat Gregson


The stags are drawn from two statues  which were in the horse training arena in a French chateau. I wanted them to appear real but also statuesque in a natural surrounding. Hence the feeling of unreality.

A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

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A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Pat Gregson

Pat Gregson is a textile design artist and teacher. Gregson works across a broad range of media, producing digital collage, watercolours and embroideries. She uses drawings, paintings and photographs to produce the collage works, combining her art approach with her design techniques. The works produced are developed through drawings of the natural world and through a process of experimentation. Gregson’s embroideries of imaginative landscapes use appliqué with recycled fabrics. These pieces are hand stitched and each piece is unique.

Gregson’s work is produced in a contemplative manner. Through her readings of the Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh and her faith, Gregson has developed a way of working that gives her pure clarity of thought and peacefulness. This clarity allows Gregson to take a complex world and filter, highlight and convey certain visual aspects of it to the viewer.

Gregson obtained a degree in textile design from Nottingham Trent University (formally Nottingham Trent Polytechnic) in 1976 and was she was selected as one of 24 graduates throughout the UK to show her work at TEXPRINT held at the Design Centre, Haymarket, London.

She has sold work in the UK and America and exhibited extensively throughout England. Most recently, Gregson has exhibited in The Near Far Pool at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery in 2008, in Sprachcaffe, Brighton and Hove Open Houses in 2009, at the 2013 Impact Art Fair in London and with Creative Future’s ‘Tight Modern’ UK tours in 2009, 2014 and 2017. Earlier exhibitions include group shows ‘Natural Forms’ at Penn’s Art Gallery, Eastbourne in 1986, the prestigious ‘Young Contemporaries’ now called ‘New Contemporaries’, and in ‘Botanical Art’ in Plannahead Art Gallery in Eastbourne 1998.

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Dimensions297 × 420 cm

Pat Gregson