Inside Outside by Maria Kuipers


A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

My first instinctive action was to virtually cover the whole paper with collaged shapes, which I then painted, rubbed back and painted again. I selected red as the dominant colour adding various coloured contour lines and shapes to the composition, again intuitively using a layering approach. I aimed to find a focus and a ‘presence’ as well as maintain a flow. Interestingly a recurring theme appeared even though I didn’t plan it, ‘Inside and outside spaces’. This theme runs throughout my work in different forms and here it has a slightly different intent, spaces and places sit alongside bold, dark contour lines and a green-gold shape.



A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Maria Kuipers

Maria Kuipers aims to make paintings that have emotional depth and portray a sense of lived history, spirituality and mystery. “I always aim to be true to who I am in my work.”

Kuipers is particularly interested in constructing an array of rich surfaces, alluding to a sense of archaeology and limitless time and space. Equally important are colour and spatial relationships, which reveal strong geometric form, holding narratives of experience and memory, of strength and fragility, of hidden and overt ‘states of being’.

Kuipers trusts that the content will emerge through the creative process as she predominantly works without a subject; each painting is conceived intuitively. Being materials-led, Kuipers loves working with mixed media, using a variety of materials and tools, choosing what she is powerfully drawn to at each moment in time including her starting point, essentially going with the intuitive flow whilst carefully considering the structure of each painting until it is resolved.
Influences include artists such as Antoni Tapies, Alberto Burri, Picasso, artists of the St. Ives Movement and the Abstract Expressionists.

1990 was a pivotal turning point in the artist’s life, this is when she began painting. In 1998, Kuipers graduated with a First Class Fine Art BA from Chichester University College. Kuipers has received funding awards to develop her own work and for various community art projects, such as West Pier Art. Prizes won include the ‘Red Crucifixion’ for Kress Project, Georgia Museum of Art. She has exhibited in galleries across the South of England and in the ‘Art and Health’ context.

“Besides showing paintings, my personal experience of the creative process, with its therapeutic values for individual empowerment and healing, has impacted my life considerably and motivates my desire to help others.” Kuipers works as a Peer Mentor facilitating art workshops with the Recovery College and as a tutor for art workshops with Creative Future, while facilitating her own courses in her local community.

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Dimensions297 × 420 cm
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Maria Kuipers



Abstract, Contemporary

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