Many Field, Be They Unknown (Come Together in Translucense) by Glen Turner


While in the initial stages of this piece, I received a text from a friend, mentioning he had visited a Rauschenberg exhibition, I felt at a stage where the piece had to change and looked up Rauschenberg, in seeing his immediate marks, I then returned to the picture and drew a heavy line. This piece then became more defined then other images. The word Gaia appeared in mind when creating this painting, Gaia is the ancestral Mother of all life, the primal Mother Earth Goddess.

A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

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A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Glen Turner

“What is looking and what is seeing? Is to see to look past looking?”

In the initial process of constructing an image Glen Turner begins with drawing. He then partially erases what he draws, leaving a trace memory of line and thought. This trace is usually left visible so that there is an option to return to it, just as we can return to memories. As the image emerges, through the process of time, Turner connects what has been to what is.

Turner explains, “The later stages of the image are a gathering of parts with intent of cohesion. Cohesion is an attempt to surmise, or complete a calculation. A completed calculation is a platform, or a kind of place where I can jump from the image to the next image. From one action, to another. This could also be viewed as creating a bridge, rather like a synaptic pathway in the brain. The process of learning and development relies on an electrical charge travelling from one point to another in order to create the connection required to store new information.”

Turner’s interests encompass physics, psychology and theology, all methods of comprehending conflict with the self and in the world.

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Dimensions297 × 420 cm

Glen Turner

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