The Usual Suspects by Paul Bellingham


A letterbox format, a line, a line up! “The usual suspects” had quite an impact as a cinematic piece and choosing this as a starting point I basically had five portraits or rather ‘mug shots’ to do. It is all collage and I try to use as many disparate elements as possible within each face, also attempting to make each as individual as I could and to give them each a character of their own.

A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

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A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Paul Bellingham

“My fascination and love of art grows and intensifies as I continue to make it.”

Paul Bellingham’s work is primarily painting, drawing and collage. He is interested in the process of painting and in the paint itself, describing his process as a partnership between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Bellingham’s work is partially spontaneous and partially pre-planned. He explains: “sometimes I have a loose or general idea at the beginning of my process, in the hope that this will evolve into something with more credibility. Often the end result is a surprise to me. I am trying not to think too much about outcome.” Experimentation is vital to his work, keeping it alive and dynamic. He aims to be “honest and to remember the code of chance and experiment.”

Bellingham started to paint in 1994, as a self-taught artist, however he has always drawn from the age of 4. He is currently studying for a BA (hons) Fine Art degree at Chichester School of Art, where he is enjoying exploring his practice from an academic perspective.

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Dimensions297 × 420 cm

Paul Bellingham

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